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Wildcat started with a single facility in the Permian Basin and with a single product line. Wildcat has since grown substantially - even when their competition was cutting back in the face of low commodity prices. Today, Wildcat has operating facilities in Odessa, Texas; Carlsbad, New Mexico; McAlester, Oklahoma; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. Wildcat recently opened its Pleasanton, Texas facility in March 2018. Wildcat's product lines have also grown substantially. Today they include fishing services, foam air and nitrogen membrane operations, reverse units, BOPs, work strings, flowback machines, accumulators, power swivels, whipstocks and pickup and lay down machines. To further this product-line growth, Wildcat added a research and development team. They have developed two proprietary tools: the HydroVortex™ and the XpressDrill. The HydroVortex™ is a fluid-powered well-debris removal tool that can be used in vertical and horizontal wells. The XpressDrill is a whipstock with a five-slip anchor system and nine-blade mill head that allows more one-run shots than any other whipstock in service. In 2017, Wildcat International, LLC was created to expand Wildcat’s operations internationally. Wildcat International conducted its first project in the Republic of Colombia. In addition to South America, Wildcat International has also expanded to the Middle East. It recently entered into a Representation Agreement with Al Mazroui Trading and General Services L.L.C. in the United Arab Emirates. OUR MISSION Wildcat Oil Tools’ mission is to continually achieve world-class business performance with best-in-class personnel using premium equipment, and with an intimate understanding of our customer’s needs. This results in unparalleled solutions and impeccable service to our customers and allows us to continue establishing a prominent global position in the oil and gas services industry. It also makes Wildcat International a preferred partner for our customers who are seeking not only successful operations, but a service company that they can trust. OUR VISION Our vision is to become the premier fishing and tool rental company in the world. We have grown substantially despite adverse economic conditions because we exceed the standard in all that we do. Our team of talented individuals will continue building long-lasting customer relationships, working as a strategic partner to identify specific needs and solutions. We will also continue innovating and engineering new tools to increasing production and add value to our customers. This commitment will fuel our continued domestic and international expansion. See the full line of services and products that we offer at www.wildcatoiltools.com.

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24 Carter Road
Carlsbad, New Mexico 88256
United States

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  • - Fishing services
  • - Foam air and nitrogen membrane operations
  • - Reverse units
  • - BOPs
  • - Work strings
  • - Flowback machines
  • - Accumulators
  • - Power swivels
  • - Whipstocks
  • - Pickup and lay down machines
  • - Research & Development
  • - XpressDrill
  • - HydroVortex™


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