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Production Logging Services, Inc. has supplied the Uintah Basin and the Southern California area Since 1977 with quality services - which has made us a leader in our field. We supply the petroleum industry with logging, wireline, and cased hole services. Production Logging Services, Inc. lowers electronic instruments into oil, gas, and water wells. We can then take different measurements with various down hole tools. We are able to measure temperature, radioactivity, and hole size. These measurements help oil companies manage their wells better. Production Logging Services, Inc. uses the latest in computer technology and software both in the office and out on the job. We are able to email results from our surveys while still out in the field. Employees of Production Logging Services, Inc. have the opportunity to further their education by attending seminars, classes, conferences, etc. The company strongly encourages its employees to take advantage of any and all educational opportunities. LOGGING SERVICES: FLUID ENTRIES INJECTION PROFILES TEMPERATURE SURVEYS PUMP-IN RADIOACTIVE TRACER SURVEYS PRESSURE SURVEYS SPINNER SURVEYS GAMMA-RAY CORRELATION SURVEYS AFTER FRAC GAMMA-RAY SURVEYS AFTER FRAC GAMMA-RAY/TEMP SURVEYS CALIPER SURVEYS NOISE SURVEYS CONSULTING SERVICES WIRELINE SERVICES: SLICKLINE BRAIDED LINE HIGH PRESSURE CAPABILITY INJECTION VALVE WORK TUBING PLUGS TUBING BROACHES WAX CUTTING GUAGE RINGS IMPRESSION BLOCK FISHING TOOLS SWABBING HYDRAULIC PUMP RETRIEVING SAND BAILING PLUNGER LIFT WORK PRESSURE SURVEYS CONSULTING SERVICES CASED HOLE SERVICES: WIRELINE SET: Bridge plugs; Packers; Retainers; etc. (Tubing, Liner, Casing) TUBING PUNCHERS (Perforating) CASING & LINER PERFORATING SQUEEZE GUNS DUMP BAILERS: Sand; Cement; Fluids; Resin; etc. GAMMA-RAY CORRELATION SURVEYS JET CUTTING (Casing & Tubing) KINLEY SAND LINE CUTTERS LUBRICATOR WITH GREASE INJECTION


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Long Beach, CA

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